Beauty morph iPhone and iPad app

Welcome to Beauty Morph! Your personal version of Model Morphosis, the popular feature on T Magazine's Style Blog.

Beauty Morph lets you create and compare different looks on you and your friends. Put on some makeup, style your hair, or compare your face with someone else. You can also photograph two different outfits and see which one looks best.

To begin, press the 'new morph' button and select 'before photo' at the bottom of the screen. Line up your face or subject within the camera markings and take a photo. You can either 'use' or 'retake' until you are happy with the shot. Next, select 'after photo' and choose the image in the gallery you would like to play with. Again, either 'use' or 'retake' until satisfied. As soon as you press 'use' you have your morph! Select the orientation of the sliding bar with the icon at the lower right of the screen. SHARE with your friends with email, facebook, or twitter!
Kessler Studio